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Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services aim to deliver exceptional results to our customers. We adapt our outsourcing services to the specific needs of your company and help you to achieve your business goals. You also get the advantage of cost-effective services, that span back office solutions, customer care outsourcing.

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    Our Core

    What We Can Do For You

    • Offshore staffing doesn't mean less options. From dispatch to back office operations, MindShadow is connected with hundreds of carefully hand-picked candidates boasting a wide range of exceptional skills. No matter the position, we can fill it.

    • Use applied intelligence to improve performance, complaint procedures, fraud detection, litigation, and more.

    • Help payers, suppliers, and government agencies drive growth while improving patient outcomes.

    • Restructure employee experience and improve retention with innovative workforce operating models.

    Meet The Team

    Expertise Is Critical to Client Success

    Our team is made of financial consultants with decades of experience.


    Samanta Willaian

    CEO Founder
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    Mariah Carry

    CEO Founder
    As a managing director at the firm, Mike oversees the strategic plans for Fort Pitt Capital’s future.

    Gina Kennedy

    CEO Founder
    Bernie Clinton is a dedicated water professional who combines analytic We are e Consulting

    Our Wide Area of Services

    Fort Pitt Capital serves clients nationally with offices in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh PA and also in Naples Florida.


    New York City, NY

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101



    Los Angeles, CA

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101



    Washington DC, WA

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101


    Why Choose Mind Shadow to Assist with Your Business Outsourcing Process?

    At Mind Shadow, we specialize in helping large and small businesses in the USA with accounting, aviation, and healthcare tasks in order to promote industry growth. We hire top talent in the industry and invest in the technology required to set your business apart from your competition and achieve a higher level of efficiency. To learn more about our business outsourcing process, contact us today.


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